Enzyme preparations

Enzyme preparations for dairy products

Enzyme preparations are among the functionally necessary components in the production of a number of dairy products. Some enzyme preparations used in the production of cheese and cottage cheese are capable of destabilizing casein micelles by hydrolysis of kappa-casein peptide bonds with the formation of protein clumps.

Other enzyme preparations, on the contrary, are able to form new covalent bonds, increasing the yield of the product by reducing protein losses. In cheese-making, a group of enzyme preparations is also actively used that catalyze lipid hydrolysis, with the formation of a specific taste and aroma of cheese. The lactose-free milk technology implies the use of enzymes capable of hydrolyzing lactose to monosaccharides.

The Ingredienta company offers a wide range of enzyme preparations for the production of dairy products. Enzyme preparations are available with different activity and release form.

Processing aid TG-NatProg (Enzyme preparation)

TG - NatProg is an enzyme preparation of microbial origin. It is used for intra- and intermolecular cross-linking of protein molecules by forming covalent bonds between the amino acids lysine and glutamine. Allows to increase the viscosity and reduce the tendency to syneresis in fermented milk drinks. Increases the yield (by 15-35%) and improves the structure of curd products. The enzyme preparation is offered in dry and liquid form with activities of 120, 1000 and 1500 U / g

Enzyme preparation (Chymosin)

Dry milk-clotting enzyme preparation of microbial origin (chymosin) with an activity of 2400 IMCU / g. The enzyme preparation allows casein to be cleaved only at a specific peptide bond with the formation of large fragments, without destroying nonspecific peptide bonds. This allows you to increase the quality and density of the curd, increase the yield by reducing casein "dust", and also prevent the formation of bitterness in the product.

Enzyme preparation (Lactase)

Lactase is an enzyme preparation of microbial origin. The enzyme preparation is used for hydrolysis of lactose contained in milk to form monosaccharides (glucose and galactose). The technology of enzymatic hydrolysis of lactose makes it possible to obtain a product that can be consumed by people with lactase deficiency. The enzyme preparation is offered with an activity level of 2500 U / g.

Enzyme preparation (Lipase)

Dry enzyme preparation of animal origin (lipase). The enzyme preparation catalyzes the hydrolysis of fats to form free fatty acids. Free fatty acids contribute to the specific taste and aroma in the cheese. Lipase makes it possible to reduce the maturation time of cheese, as well as to develop new types of this product.

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